What To Do When Your Weight Is Going UP... Not Down

What To Do When Your Weight Is Going UP... Not Down


If you just started working out again, be 100% prepared for your weight to initially GO UP... NOT DOWN.

Again, don't panic.

This is completely normal.

Picture a fat cell.

Can't picture it? Just imagine a little bubble with fat in it.

Now, when you first start to lose weight, imagine your body flushing the fat out of that cell.

There's only one issue.

It takes time for fat cells to shrink and they don't like to be "empty," so they fill up with water.

This may even cause you to WEIGH MORE in the short term as your body retains water.

Now... how do we get your body to retain less water?


This is why I tell all of my clients, especially those with a fat loss goal, to drink as much water as they can each day.

When you stay hydrated, you help your body flush any excess water retention.

Over time, those fat cells won't retain the water anymore & will start to shrink.

If your weight initially increased even though you were "doing everything right," you should start to see it dropping again... and possibly dropping FAST.

This phase will likely only take a few weeks if you stay consistent with your training, cardio, diet, and hydration.

Remember, it takes time for your body to adapt.

So give it time.

Weight gain doesn't happen in one night, and you can't fix it in one day. You have to consistently approach the situation with a plan.

Of course, all of this is a massive oversimplification, but that's essentially what's happening.

You're training hard. Losing fat. Retaining water. Flushing water. Shrinking cells. Seeing results.

Don't let an illusion on the scale derail you from your goals.

Stay the course.

Talk soon,


Nick Hagood
Spartan Training & Coaching




P.S. Thanksgiving is coming up next week & so is all the delicious food. Use these tips to intelligently attack all the turkey and leftovers you want, without the sudden weight gain that comes with the holidays.



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