Personal Training

Personal training sessions will be serviced in Redmond, Washington, or the Seattle Metro Area with prior arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE: Live video sessions can be arranged for clients who are not local to my area if you have your own equipment.

All training sessions are 50 minutes long and each membership includes diet coaching. Gym membership not required.

Each membership includes direct access to me for questions, weekly training plans & diet goals tailored just for you, food journal feedback, progress photo analysis, and a FREE GIFT.

Staying true to the Spartan mentality, I like to keep things simple and streamlined.


    We will track all of your workouts & progress with TrueCoach. This app allows us to see improvements when it comes to your weight, body fat percentage, progress photos, and even strength levels for individual exercises... all in the same place.

    We will track your calories & macros with MyFitnessPal. This app is more specialized for diet tracking and has a gigantic database of different foods. You'll be able to find almost anything you need when logging your daily meals.

    Everything is broken down & easily tracked under the apps.

    If you're killing it, we'll know. If you're not, we'll know.

    Either way... WE KNOW.

    And that's how we will crush your goals!

    Let's get started TODAY.