Spartan Special Forces

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~$191 per week, plus tax.

Our Spartan Special Forces is a completely different type of coaching & accountability. If you're ready to finally make a commitment to your goals and love the accountability & camaraderie from training alongside a strong community & network... then the Spartan Special Forces is for you.

Commit for 3 MONTHS, and witness firsthand how much your life can change. All it takes is a decision.

As a member of the Spartan Special Forces, you will receive the following...

Weekly 1-Hour Group Video Call

  • 45-min Live Group Workout
  • 15-min Open Q&A Session + Networking
  • Recorded & Uploaded So You Can Reference At Any Time
  • I Train With You To Push You Harder & Show You Exactly What To Do

Weekly Training Plans & Diet Goals Tailored For You

  • Personalized Workouts
  • Macro & Calorie Targets
  • Food Journal Feedback
  • Progress Photo Analysis
  • Metric Tracking & Accountability

Three PDF Guides

  • My Top 5 Secrets To Build A Sexy Physique
  • How To Train In A World Under Lockdown
  • How To Make A Comeback From COVID & Quarantine

    Access To A PRIVATE Telegram Group

    • Stay Accountable With Our Community & Network
    • Receive Exclusive Content I Don't Share Anywhere Else

    Plus A VIP Discount Code


    In order for me to guarantee each member gets the individual attention they need, the Spartan Special Forces is limited to a select few.

    Join us while there's still space...

    The Spartan Special Forces is for those who are tired of making the same mistakes over & over again, and who need the weekly accountability of a coach & community to make sure you pursue your goals.

    Let's kick ass together!

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