You Don't Improve When You're Comfortable

You Don't Improve When You're Comfortable

We're almost two weeks into the new year now.

And I really hope you're not already comfortable.

You've got to shake things up...

Unfortunately, most people put too many things on their plate as "resolutions" each year & then they never stick to them.

That's why I always preach to start TODAY... regardless of what day it is... like I was preaching in early December so people would be AHEAD at the start of 2022, not playing catch-up right out the gate.

You need some form of discomfort in your life.

And the more you can tolerate, the better.

Discomfort usually starts with training or dieting.

The reason people are overweight is a direct product of these two things, or rather, the lack thereof. When your training and diet are on-point, your health & physique follow as well.

But that doesn't mean the initial stages are comfortable.

If you're used to living a certain way, adding in training or dieting is MEANT to throw a disruption into the mix. If you want change, you have to experience change. And part of that is killing old habits and solidifying new ones.

At first, the gym will seem like a chore & you'll have cravings for the foods you've cut out.

Once you're into a routine, you start to enjoy the process.

If you have terrible food after eating healthy for an extended period of time, you'll see just how much it impacts your digestion, joints, sleep, and the scale.

And if you miss a day at the gym, you immediately feel "off" & wish to correct the issue... by ENSURING you train the following day.

Once you get to this stage, it's time to start upping the intensity of your workouts to keep pushing the limits of your discomfort. You never want to be "going through the motions" for extended periods of time.

Yes, it's fine to have those lackluster workouts every now and then, but the important thing is that you remained disciplined in your routine & dedicated to your goals.

But you shouldn't have extended periods of simply going through the motions in the gym and not making any kind of objective progress, whether that be muscle gained, weight lifted, mobility achieved, or improvements in cardio or work capacity.

Always be advancing. Always be improving. In some way. In some area of life.

And then try not to let the things on the backburner slip. Remain proficient, but swap your focus to the main drivers of each moment.

Don't allow yourself to remain comfortable. Don't become stagnant.

Push the envelope.

Strive for greatness.

And achieve your goals.

You'll experience pain and frustration and discomfort, but it's all worth it in the end...

Catch you soon,


Nick Hagood
Spartan Training & Coaching



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