Winter Is Coming... Don't Forget Your Vitamin D

Winter Is Coming... Don't Forget Your Vitamin D

A lot of people are Vitamin D deficient, even people in places where there's a lot of sunlight year round.

Our modern lifestyles typically keep us inside, sheltered away from the sun.

And if people DO get outside, it's usually for an hour or less across the entire day. And in the winter time, this gets even shorter and you're most likely bundled up from head to toe, barely letting any sunlight touch your skin.

We are meant to be exposed to the sun.

Many of our body processes are regulated by the sun, and that's why you feel so "off" when you constantly stay up late in front of blue light devices and sleep in way past the sunrise. Your rhythm is off. You're out of cycle with nature.

This problem only gets worse when there's less sunshine, like in the Pacific Northwest.

There's a reason "seasonal depression" is a thing.

If you're not getting the right amount of Vitamin D, and you're super out-of-whack when it comes to your sleep, you're not going to feel good. It's that simple.

Luckily for me, I tend to get outside more than the average person since I walk dogs for my cardio. And in the summer, I walk shirtless to absorb as much sunshine as possible.

Despite this, I STILL take a Vitamin D supplement, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this as a staple in your daily supplement stack.

And the beautiful thing is Vitamin D isn't expensive. One bottle will last you quite a while too.

So, how do you combat the seasonal blues?

1) Do your best to wake with the sunrise each day.

If you can, step outside into the cool morning air, and let the sunlight hit your face & eyes. Perform some slow, deep breaths, and allow yourself to feel fully energized before starting your day. This is the perfect time to enjoy your morning coffee as well.

2) Supplement with Vitamin D every day.

Just a few capsules a day will help offset all the time you spend indoors, but you still need to make an effort to get outside and let the sunlight hit your skin.

3) Take a walk in the sun every day.

This one helps in a lot of ways. You're doing some cardio, breathing fresh air, getting some sunlight, and giving yourself time to decompress. 

And of course, all of this is more effective if you're not wearing sunglasses.

Don't neglect your Vitamin D, especially if you typically feel under the weather during the winter. Don't live with constant fatigue or "seasonal depression." Take a few simple steps to prevent it.

I'll catch you soon,


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