The Power of White Noise

The Power of White Noise

White noise & ambient tracks are extremely useful.

I've used them for years, typically when I'm working at the computer to help focus in on my work.

You're easily able to eliminate distractions that would otherwise derail your train of thought.

This is especially true if listening to music with lyrics interferes with the words you're trying to read or type on a screen, like when you're writing or coding.

I'll listen to things like a rushing waterfall, a crackling fire on the windy tundra, or a heavy thunderstorm... like I'm listening to right now.

These types of tracks work wonders for eliminating almost all background noise & distractions if you're using a good pair of headphones.

Just be careful.

They work so well, I couldn't tell my coffee kettle was whistling from across the living room until most of the water had boiled away. Make sure you're paying attention if you have anything going on the stove while listening to white noise.

Don't burn your house down!

I'm also a big fan of video game soundtracks, even though it's extremely rare for me to play video games anymore.

Skyrim, Morrowind, and Oblivion all have fantastic scores.

The final way I use white noise is to sleep in a disruptive environment. You can't always control the amount of noise coming into your bedroom, but you can cover most of it up.

This hurricane track is one of my favorites to drown out other noises at night.

Try playing some white noise if you live in a noisy neighborhood, have dogs that bark at sounds, or constantly get disturbed during the night. You should be able to get some better sleep.

What are some of the things you listen to while you're working?

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