Raid Your Kitchen & Toss Out The Trash

Raid Your Kitchen & Toss Out The Trash

I challenge you to take action & do something you probably haven't done in a while.

Go through your kitchen and throw out all the junk. And I'm talking EVERYTHING.

(Better yet, donate it to a food shelter for the holidays or something.)

You know what's healthy & what's not.

If you have a bunch of crap in your house, it's got to go.

Go through your cabinets & pantry, and deep-clean your fridge & freezer. When's the last time you truly did this? I bet there's some super old condiments in there at the very least. Get rid of the old stuff & make room for better choices.

If it's got sugar, it's got to go.

If most of the ingredients are words you cannot pronounce, it's got to go.

If it's a seed oil, THROW THAT SHIT AWAY NOW! Same goes for vegetable oils.

Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil are fantastic for you. I highly recommend sticking to these oils and butter when it comes to cooking. DO NOT USE SEED OILS.

Get rid of the sodas, and candy, and sweets, and frozen dinners, and anything you have to cook inside of plastic.

And while we're talking about plastics... get rid of that too. Don't heat or store your food in plastic containers or bottles. It's super unhealthy & the chemicals leech into your food. Try to use glass or stainless steel as much as possible.

Most of your health comes from your choices in the kitchen. There's a reason we say, "You can't out-train a bad diet."

You can't fuel a supercar with low-grade gasoline & expect to get high-end performance. It's the same for your body.

When you refuse to keep garbage in your kitchen, it's much easier to stay lean & healthy. You don't even give yourself the option to make bad choices, because none are in the house. You'd have to order garbage to your door at a premium, or leave your place to go satisfy a craving.

This is a simple barrier to bad choices, but it's effective.

My fridge is stocked mostly with red meat, eggs, butter, and avocados. I suggest stocking your place with healthy whole foods as well.

If you need any advice on other foods to eat, just shoot me an email.

I'll catch you soon,


Nick Hagood
Spartan Training & Coaching



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