5 Tricks To Fall Asleep Fast & Wake Up Fully Refreshed

5 Tricks To Fall Asleep Fast & Wake Up Fully Refreshed

Sleep is a problem for a lot people.

Especially with our modern devices & technology.

There are countless things that disrupt our sleep.

Lights, sounds, blue light from devices, social media, TV shows, neighbors, pets, children, our own bodies, the list goes on and on.

You can't control what's going on in the world around you, but you should be able to fortify your bedroom into a nighttime sanctuary.

It just takes a few tricks...

Now remember, our sleep doesn't get screwed up in one night.

It's usually a perpetual cycle that we try to address throughout life.

We get busy. And we never really seem to get enough sleep.

So don't expect to fix things in one night...

With that being said, these are the HABITS that you can implement TODAY to get better sleep.

And a HABIT takes REPITITION to ingrain.

That requires accountability & effort. So let's get to it...

1) No Devices Before Bed

Sorry, this is going to be the #1 way to quickly improve your sleep. Blue light from our phones, computers, tablets, and TVs all disrupt our sleep patterns. So does the stress & constant dopamine hits of social media. Give your brain & eyes a break at least 1-2 hours before bed, especially if you've had trouble sleeping lately. Your habits with your devices may be a key issue to solving your sleep problems. Put away the phone and try utilizing this time for something productive, like reading or stretching, or otherwise "coming down" from a long day.

2) Sleep In A Cool, Dark Room

Your body temperature naturally drops when you go to sleep. If you try to fall asleep in a colder room, you're helping your body reach the natural state it wants to be in during sleep... so you should fall asleep faster. I know some people use a "chilly pad" under their sheets with a weighted blanket, and I'm personally a big fan of blackout curtains. The darker the room, the better. Try to get rid of all outside light, and cover up or turn off any notification/status lights on things around your bedroom, like clocks or TVs.

3) Use Background Noise To Drown Out Unwanted Sounds

I'm a super light sleeper. If I'm asleep in a silent room & you turn a doorknob, I'm waking up. And if my dog can hear something outside our place, he will bark & wake me up. My primary solution to all kinds of disruptive and unwanted sounds is to use either an air conditioner, box fan, or white noise device/speaker to drown out any random sounds that could wake me up in the middle of the night. I take a tiny speaker with me when I travel just for this purpose.

4) Avoid Stimulants Past Midday

Caffeine stays in your body for a while, so if you have a late afternoon coffee at the office or pre-workout before your 6 PM lifting session, don't be surprised when it disrupts your sleep that night. I try not to have any caffeine past 1 PM. If you have insomnia, I suggest laying off the caffeine entirely... even if your mornings drag on. You need to address the root issue, and over-caffeinating just makes the cycle worse.

5) Avoid Alcohol, Sugar, and Drugs

Alcohol, sugar, and drugs like marijuana all disrupt your sleep, especially REM. Although they can sometimes help you fall asleep faster, often these nights will be restless and you won't spend much time in REM sleep. Using these as a solution to insomnia is yet another band-aid on the issue & worsens the viscous cycle. Fight the urge to self-sabotage your sleep in the long run.

And what's my ULTIMATE SECRET to falling asleep FAST?




When you attack each day with purpose... When you hit the gym hard... When you hammer on a project... When you take care of your family...

When you do all of these to your fullest ability each day, and when you TRULY give things YOUR ALL, you should be exhausted by the end of the day.

In a good way. Not burned out. Heavy, accomplished, and grateful.

That total body heavy where you sink through the pillow into another dimension the moment your body hits the bed.

Total, restful, sleep.

I hope these methods help you get a good night's sleep,


Nick Hagood
Spartan Training & Coaching




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