Change Starts With A Single Step

Change Starts With A Single Step

Don't try to get ahead of yourself.

Change starts with a single step.

Not 50...

If you are just now trying to make a change, do not put too much on your plate at once. That's a fast-track to failure.

Instead, pick ONE SIMPLE THING you can focus on for the next few weeks.


Once you've truly nailed that ONE THING down as a habit, you can add ANOTHER ONE THING.

Do this again and again, and you will build momentum.

Try to do everything at once and it's like your tires are stuck in cement. You can give it as much gas as you want, but you ain't going anywhere. Keep smashing the throttle... and you're going to destroy the car.

Likewise, a car doesn't take off in 5th gear. It takes off in 1st.

SURE, you can try to take off in a higher gear... but anything higher than 1st requires more & more finesse on the clutch... and it's STILL going to be a little choppy.

When you start small, start slow, and MASTER what you're trying to accomplish, that's when true progress comes.

Figure out what your step is going to be...

And then make sure you do it each day.

And hell, I'll even give you three options...

  1. Drink 16oz of water IMMEDIATELY after waking in the morning.
  2. Walk for an hour each day.
  3. Don't look at news or social media for the first hour of your day.

All three of these are simple steps you can take that will immediately have an impact on your life, in more ways than one.

And that's the beauty of it.

Stop overcomplicating things.

Just pick something simple and stick to it.

And if you need accountability, hit me up.

Hope you're having a great start to the year, 


Nick Hagood
Spartan Training & Coaching



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