10 Items Or Less...

10 Items Or Less...

The bulk of my diet is comprised of three things...

Well, at least 3 proteins, 3 carbs, 3 fats, and 3 seasonings.

This is how I keep things simple & consistent. This is how I maintain my health & physique. This is how I MAKE GAINS.


  • Steak/Beef
  • Eggs
  • Salmon


  • White Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Buns/Bread (burgers are my guilty pleasure)


  • Butter
  • Avocado
  • Cheese (again, for the burgers)


  • Black Pepper
  • Garlic Salt
  • Steak Seasoning

By keeping things simple, I'm able to easily adjust my diet & calorie intake if I see my physique or the scale going the wrong way.

It also makes meal prep extremely simple.

It's quick and easy to prepare white rice or potatoes in bulk.

And it only takes a few minutes to toss some steak or eggs into a skillet with some butter and seasoning.

Add an avocado and you're done.

That's my style of meal prep.

Simple. Tasty. Effective.

When you couple a simple meal prep routine like this with intermittent fasting, the weight will start to melt off your body.

So, what are the main foods YOU eat? You can respond to this email & let me know.

Talk soon,


Nick Hagood
Spartan Training & Coaching



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