Loyalty Program

Here at Spartan Training & Coaching, we reward LOYALTY & COMMITMENT.

When you become a SteelPlatinum, or Onyx member and decide to train 4 to 6 times a week, you automatically become a member of our Loyalty Program.

This is a great way for you to have even bigger savings.

Our highest frequency training packages reward you with some extra perks, such as:

*One dedicated mobility session per week (20 min).
*One "chaos workout" per month (30 min).
*And a free gift...

Why do we reward those who train the most frequently?

Because you must make training a part of your lifestyle.

When you do that, success is inevitable...

Those who stick with a program and consistently put in the effort are the ones who achieve their goals, both inside and outside the gym.

The discipline and focus you develop through training can be channeled into every other facet of your life.

When you reach a goal, set a new goal. Strive for more and never stop growing.

Never be content, mediocre, or average.

Always be working.

Working on your mind, working on your body, and working on your life...

That's how you become the one you envision in your head.

The only person standing in the way is yourself.

Those who have joined the Loyalty Program, have decided to finally get out of their own way. They are taking charge. And creating change.